Strategy and Policy


The University Vision outlined in the Digital Strategy for Taught Student Education (TSEB/12/54) is that by 2017, students and staff at the University of Leeds will make use of a consistent suite of digital technologies and services, which support learning, inspire students to reach their full potential and enhance the student experience.


Audio and video recording for educational purposes is integral to the University’s Digital Strategy and the Blended Learning Strategy (FLTC/10/04, TSEB/13-06).  Mobile devices, multimedia management capabilities, lecture capture technology, social media and online learning platforms are transforming the potential use of audio and video recordings for educational purposes.

Recording by the University of educational activities is an important part of the University’s strategy to enhance the quality of the student experience and the University sees it increasingly as part of mainstream academic work.

University Policy on Audio or Video Recording for Educational Purposes

The Policy on Audio or Video Recording (2014) applies to all educational purposes, which is taken to mean any purpose related to taught student education at the University.

The Policy seeks to ensure that all staff and students will receive proper notice that a recording is due to take place, have a right to opt-out or ask for an edit of that recording.  It is trying to encourage responsible recording in a transparent and consistent manner. Schools/Services are taking control of the process.

Guidance for Heads of School and Staff on Implementation

The University Policy on Audio or Video Recording for Educational Purposes was approved by Senate (S/13/19).  This Audio or Video Recording guidance document (updated July 2016) is provided for Heads of School and staff to support the implementation of the policy.

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