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iTunes U is an online learning resource repository which allows institutions from around the world to host content on its platform. This content includes audio podcasts, videos and ebooks. User can subscribe to whole courses or stream and download individual pieces of content to their PC/Mac or other Apple devices.


The University of Leeds has been publishing to its own iTunes U channel since 2013. Currently the University has around 1000 individual pieces of content for users to explore including over 700 videos. This showcases high quality educational resources to a wide external audience as well as providing internal student groups with resources to enhance their educational experience. Materials currently available include lectures delivered by academics at the forefront of their discipline, interviews with leading researchers, course materials, and more.


University of Leeds iTunes U


Students and staff are encouraged to use iTunes U to complement face-to-face teaching sessions and to broaden knowledge. With access to thousands of teaching resources from top institutions around the world, there is a wide choice with resources to suit all learning styles. Some educational content may be published to both iTunes U and YouTube. The University’s YouTube channel is better suited to shorter content not necessarily associated with a particular module or degree programme and has higher promotional focus.


By sharing learning resources on iTunes U, you can easily connect with students, colleagues, and the public while reinforcing the University’s reputation for excellence in teaching and research.


Access Anatomy by Dr James Pickering

Access Anatomy on iTunes U created by Dr James Pickering


The easiest way to access the University’s iTunesU site is to open the iTunes program on a PC/Mac. If you don’t have the program installed you can download it for free from


Once installed and opened, to gain access to the iTunes U content, you must select iTunes U from the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the program, you will then be redirected to the iTunes U homepage.


The quickest way to access University of Leeds content is to search for “university of leeds” in the programs search bar which is located in the top right hand corner.

Search for University of Leeds iTunes U


Once the search completes you will be able to find a link under “Artists and more” for the University of Leeds, please click the “Institution” link rather than the “App Developer” link.

You will now see the Unversity of Leeds iTunesU site where all of our content can be found. You can search via featured collections, what’s new, top downloads or search through the categories down the right hand side.


Materials do not have to be video, they can be audio only, but must be up-to-date, relevant, and appropriate, of a high technical quality and within the University communications standards.


Staff can request to publish content to the University of Leeds iTunes U channel through Mediasite which is the Lecture Capture and Media Management Platform. Digital content must first be published to VideoLeeds before it can be published to iTunes U. There is light touch editorial process in which the Digital Learning Team check the content for quality, relevance and in line with legal considerations. Once a user has submitted a request for external publication to iTunes U then a series of emails will notify the user of the process. This may take up to 3 working days.


Watch the short online tutorial on how to submit a request for content to be published to the University of Leeds iTunes U channel.


You can also refer to a step-by-step guide on the IT Website which explains the process.


For events and training coming up related to the Digital Learning Programme see the Training and Support pages.


Watch a step-by-step guide outlined in this online tutorial on how to put in a request to publish digital content to iTunes U from mediasite.


For further technical support contact


To unpublish digital content form the University of Leeds iTunes U Channel email