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Case studies

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Personal Capture allows staff and students to create recordings from a PC, laptop or mobile device. There are three ways to create digital content using Personal Capture:


  1. Use the mediasite desktop recorder to create screencasts/presentations
  2. Create content on mobile devices and upload to mediasite
  3. Record any type of multimedia content using different software/hardware and upload this manually to mediasite

Once recorded, digital content is reviewed, edited and published to various channels using the multimedia management platform (mediasite). Content can be published to students within the VLE and/or via external facing site such as VideoLeeds. Content can also be shared privately to individuals or to external users.


The recording on Creating Digital Content with Personal Capture is an example of a flipped learning activity delivered to participants prior to attending a Digital Dates workshop. It briefly explores the concept of Personal Capture.


Create content that can be viewed multiple times 24/7 by your students and other audiences offering flexible, mobile learning.


Recordings could include:


  • an overview of VLE resources
  • a summary of a lecture or seminar
  • a recording accompanying lecture slides
  • a response to a news item from the perspective of your research

For more ideas see the record something section of this site.


The mediasite desktop recorder is available for all staff and students to create digital content easily and quickly. Users can download the software on their devices at home.  The software needs to be registered by the user.



Once installed and registered the tool is easy to use:

  • Double click on the mediasite desktop recorder and select record
  • Choose from four options (screencast + audio, screencast + video, slideshow + audio, slideshow + video)
  • Automatic upload to system for review, edit and approval
  • Publish content to individuals, students, University members or the general public


Visit the Personal Capture section of the Lecture Capture and Media Management website for further information.


Digital content (MP3 podcasts or video) created with smart devices such as phones, tablet and iPads can also be easily and quickly recorded and directly uploaded to mediasite. Users must access mediasite from their PCs/laptops to edit, review and publish content.


For online and face to face training see the training pages of this site.


Throughout 2017 there are a series of workshops on Using Personal Capture at your Desktop: Record, Review, Edit and Publish. These are practical workshops focussing on the use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder to make presentations and screencasts for learners to access via the VLE or other channels.


A guide on Creating Digital Content using Personal Capture for students can be downloaded from the IT Website.


Book online by visiting the OD&PL website.