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The University of Leeds Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)  known as Minerva is a content platform for curating your module materials, managing electronic grading processes and interactivity, and it provides the supported, common interface required by the University's Blended Learning Strategy.


You can use Minerva to present students with a wide range of online and electronic resources, knowledge, interactions and activities:

Minerva also provides academic staff and administrators with module and user management features, adaptive release and group tools, collaboration and personalisation features.


Minerva is a key tool in a continuously developing suite of solutions at Leeds to support Blended Learning, and helps meet our Student Education Strategic Priorities.


Electronic delivery of your module content is a key part of the Leeds approach to Blended Learning.


Minerva enables staff to share knowledge, electronic resources and other scholarly materials within the context of their disciplines and teaching cohorts and provides other transformative opportunities for teaching at Leeds:

  • Change how tutors and students interact and communicate, diversifying the modes of contact available.
  • Support student centred learning through personalised feedback, performance analysis and integrated communication.
  • Provides a common interface for all students to access electronically enhanced learning.
  • Offers integration to other academic support services, such as the Library through the Reading Lists and Course Reading services and a platform for new services such as Multimedia and Lecture Capture.


While it is possible to dive straight into Minerva and get most tasks accomplished, you should take advantage of the excellent training opportunities at Leeds to learn more.


OD&PL offer introductory VLE training for staff and postgraduate research students who teach. You can utilise the guides to key functionality provided by the Learning Technologies Team while you complete the training.


Talk to your Faculty support, and start looking at the Leeds Teaching Technology pages.

Your module spaces within Minerva are yours to build. A basic menu is provided for you, and you can start building your module by learning how to add content, then move onto more advanced functionality such as Testing. If you know what you want to do, try our A-Z and see if there's a guide or demonstration available.



Leeds offers a combination of structured training, self directed learning, and a support website for staff users of the VLE.

Organisational Development and Professional Learning has a comprehensive programme of training.

You can also find solutions for your Minerva needs on the Minerva Support Website.