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Screenshot of University of Leeds YouTube Channel May 2016


YouTube is the world’s most popular video service with over one billion active visitors every month. It is the second most frequently used search engine after Google, making your content easily discoverable by a vast audience.


Our University of Leeds YouTube channel, was launched in 2012. View the YouTube_Fact_Sheet_2018


The channel showcases research across all schools and faculties, together with a growing portfolio of videos to support our MOOCs and digital learning initiatives. You can subscribe to the University of Leeds YouTube Channel and receive notifications of new content. There are over 20 playlists available reflecting the activities of the University; for example, Research and Innovation, Studying at Leeds, Law, and Engineering etc.


Since May 2016 staff and students have been able to submit a request to publish their digital content to the YouTube channel through Mediasite, the Lecture Capture and Media Management platform, allowing for greater flexibility and a more seamless, integrated process. Content must first be published to VideoLeeds by the owner. A light touch editorial process is in place where all content that is submitted for publication is checked by the YouTube Channel Manager against technical, copyright and legal considerations.  View the Publish to YouTube guidelines for further details.



The platform provides unparalleled global reach and access to international audiences. It is supported by extremely robust server architecture and content delivery networks (CDNs), so content can be streamed to the widest of audiences regardless of bandwidth and connection speed. As the world's second largest search engine (after Google) it provides an essential channel of communication with potential audiences, particularly prospective students but also staff and current students, Alumni, teachers, parents, journalists / media, business entrepreneurs and investors, higher education colleagues and research partners.


YouTube is future-proof and supports the most modern video technology and codecs, including emerging standards such as 4K (Ultra HD). It supports responsive design by default, so offers an optimised experience on mobiles and tablet devices. There is also comprehensive support for smart TVs and game consoles using


The University of Leeds YouTube Channel complements the VideoLeeds Channel. Once you have published to VideoLeeds you may wish to consider publishing to the YouTube Channel if your media has a high promotional focus.


What is suitable content for the University of Leeds YouTube Channel?


  • High quality polished content used for promotional purposes;
  • Media that showcases University life as a student, researcher, lecturer which demonstrates Leeds’ exceptional environment for learning, teaching and research;
  • Marketing and recruitment media based on individual schools and faculties which promotes the University to potential students;
  • Student performances, activities and excursions which highlight the wide-ranging accomplishments of our talented students;
  • University Research priorities and successes that are receiving media attention;
  • Media that reflects the University’s strategic partnerships and business collaborations; regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • Lecture recordings of visiting guest speakers at conferences held at the University;
  • News and events of interest to alumni.


The channel is managed by the University Communications Team who authorise your request to publish your own digital content to the University of Leeds YouTube Channel by using the Lecture Capture and Media Management platform. You must publish any content to VideoLeeds before submitting a request for it to be published to YouTube. You will be notified by email when your request has been authorised.


The IT Website has more information on how to publish to the University of Leeds YouTube Channel and a list of FAQs relating to media management.


A 5 minute online tutorial on how to publish to the University of Leeds YouTube Channel is available on VideoLeeds.




A 5 minute online tutorial on how to publish to the University of Leeds YouTube Channel is available on VideoLeeds.


If you have any specific questions about the suitability of your content for YouTube then please contact


For technical support visit the IT Website or email the