This website explores the Lecture Capture and Media Management system that was introduced to the University of Leeds in September 2014.

By 2016 the University of Leeds celebrated its two millionth view of Lecture Capture which is evidence of its wide-spread use.

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The intended audiences are academic and support staff who want to make use of the lecture capture system to support learning, teaching, research and assessment.

It starts with an introduction to the system and then gives further information on each element, together with a range of online training resources.

Online Tutorials

You can watch a series of brief online tutorials which provides further technical guidance on all aspects of Lecture Capture and Media Management. Simply visit the Resources and Support Channel of VideoLeeds.

Watch this Introduction to Lecture Capture which was recorded using the ad-hoc capture system in the Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre here at the University of Leeds. If you are watching any digital content embedded on this website please remember to click on the pop-out icon to enlarge the screen.

Key points:

Mediasite (from Sonic Foundry) is the University’s lecture capture, personal capture and media management system.

The ‘front end’ works a little like YouTube, providing access to video resources both through the VLE and externally through a Web browser. You can visit mediasite by logging in at https://mymedia.leeds.ac.uk

The ‘back end’ provides access to captured timetabled lectures and seminars, allows staff and students to create presentations and screencasts on their computers and provides a rich set of tools to edit and distribute content.

In addition, content created on a range of mobile and portable devices can also be uploaded and distributed via the VLE and other channels with this system. You do not need to download any apps, you can simply upload videos directly into the mediasite using the browser on your device.

The University of Leeds has embedded Lecture Capture as part of the Digital Strategy for Student Education. For further information on the rationale for introducing Lecture Capture please visit the Changing Landscapes Website.

The University of Leeds is now sector leading in this area. To find out more visit: The Secret to Campus-Wide Lecture Capture: How the University of Leeds Did It.

How are students benefiting from Lecture Capture? Watch the video below.

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